Xtender Document Management

Thank you for your interest in using our electronic document management system, Web XtenderSolutions. This application allows you to access imaged student records. All historical and currently enrolled student records are available.

Important: To access Web Xtender you must have additional components installed on your computer. If you have not done so before or you have a new computer please contact the Helpdesk at x6465 or at Helpdesk@purchase.edu to have the program installed.
Due to the upgrade to Xtender Document Management, new components may need to be installed for users of the previous version; the Helpdesk will assist as needed.

The Helpdesk will need you to provide your computer name. To access your computer name: on your desktop please right click on "My Computer" go to properties then click on the "Computer Name" tab, there you will see the "Full Computer Name".

Please inform the Helpdesk if you have a Mac or Vista.

Note that if you do not have the required components installed, you will still be able to login to Xtender, but you will not then be able to access any information.

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Note the link to Xtender has changed, for simplicity you can now use 'http://docman.purchase.edu'

Xtender Guide

Quick login Help: At the Xtender Login page:
  • choose 'Data Source' "AX_PROD"
  • enter 'User Name' as your Purchase College email account name
  • 'Password' is your Purchase College email account password
  • Click 'Login'