Email Account Activation

Welcome to the Online Faculty/Staff Account Activation site at Purchase College.
The College will use email as its primary communication channel to you.

Please Note: This account should only be activated and used by the employee for whom it is created.

If you are a faculty  or staff member, and your appointment paperwork has been completed, your account can be activated. If you are having trouble locating your account to activate it, please contact the hiring department to ensure your appointment has been completed.

If you are a visitor, contractor, intern or other non-student category, you must obtain your Purchase College ID card -  the More Card - before you can activate your account. 

Activating your account:

Activation of your email account through this application includes the following 3 steps:

1. Obtain your UserID and temporary password. After entering your personal information in the boxes below, click the "Continue" button below to proceed and you will receive your account's UserID and temporary password.

2. Once you have your account and temporary password, you must change your temporary password to your own personal password the first time you log on to your account. Instructions for choosing a 'good' password are provided with the temporary password. 

3. log into the "Purchase College Outlook Web Access" page using your account and new personal password, and you may start using your email account. 

You should check your Purchase College email account regularly for important information and announcements from the college.

Note: A HELP document is available from the top header of each page.

Please enter your 9-digit Social Security Number or assigned SSN, and your initials of your first and last name; then press "Continue".   If you have an assigned SSN and do not know what it is, please contact Human Resources at 914 251-6090.
The SSN will not show for your privacy.  This is a secure site, and is intended for the personal use of individual employees only.  Please see our Privacy Policy (lower right link) for further information.
    9-digit SSN (or assigned SSN):  

                          Initials:    First:  Last:             

If you are still experiencing difficulty in activating your account after reading the instructions carefully, please choose the 'Reset Password' option after entering your personal information, or contact the CTS Helpdesk at (914) 251-6465 or via email at
Please do not include your SSN in any mail or communication to the helpdesk, provide your UserID or account name only.

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